These ones are Chocolate Guinnes with Irish Cream frosting!


You too could have a dragon in your latte art!

OrĀ  just a portrait




Come see this months art!


March’s artist is Bobby Fouther! Come see his amazing paintings, they will brighten up your day!




House made goodness

Did you know that in addition to our soups, our cookies and quickbreads are made fresh in house?

The Aprons are back!

Siva’s magnificent handmade aprons are up for the month of July! Reception for the artist Friday July 9th 7;30 pm at the Goldrush.

Goldrush X-MEN

Christina = Dr. Jean Grey
Keillor = Gambit
Ka ri = Rogue
Jerud = Beast
Paul = Magneto
Angus = Xavier

The Goldrush A-Team

Lisa = Hannible
Key = Faceman
Siva = B.A. Barackus
Frankeigh = Murdock
La Marzocco = Van

have you tried our coffee yet?

It sometimes seems odd to me that in a city known for coffee, 90% of the coffee shops would carry the same beans. We set out to be different from the start. In that quest we found CAFFE VITA and let me tell you the coffee is stupendous. So come over and try some, well have it ready for ya!


Did you know we make all our soups fresh, in house?

New blog for Goldrush!

Hey, Thanks for reading the first official Goldrush blog entry! You can also follow us on FACEBOOK! Can’t seem to find a direct url for that but if you just search us on facebook you should find it.